Tuesday, January 31, 2017

january randomness

homemade pizza
Making our traditional homemade pizza on New Year's Day.  The kids (and especially the girls) love to help!

pictures by ellie
More photos by Ellie.

she's so big
She's so big... and silly!

making trail mix
Helping make trail mix for the big kids to take to school for snack.

Pastimes: Ellie LOVES playing Memory!!  Jacob started working on his Disney Castle, Nick's haul from the public library, and Lexie with her take-home laptop.

These two love to snuggle with each other!

curly hair
Lexie really wanted curly hair so we bought some rollers and tried them out- she sat patiently while I rolled up her hair and in the morning it was CURLY!!

sixth grade formal
Nick went to the 6th Grade Formal (why do 6th graders need a formal?!?!).  He's getting to be so grown up!

Random January pictures: Mom and Ellie at Target. Jacob got a new computer-- he was excited since he usually gets my old one!  Ellie discovered Nutella and is in love.  Those snuggly girls posing for more pictures!!  Ellie loves watching movies on my bed-- especially if she can do it instead of taking a nap!

crazy girl
Such a silly girl!!!  She sure keeps us entertained!

More basketball fun!

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