Saturday, January 7, 2017


The kids were SOOOOO excited that we had snow in the forecast (although a little bummed since it was a Friday night storm and probably wouldn't give them any snow days).  They kept a close watch on the weather all week and were squealing with joy when the snow started falling!

snow falling
It's snowing!!

ellie playing in the snow
Ellie wanted to go outside and check it out.

ellie in the snow
She was just a little excited!!

snowy backyard
When we woke up in the morning, the ground was covered.

headed out front
The kids got bundled up in their snow gear and headed out to play.

kids in the snow
Fun in the snow.

snow angels
Making snow angels.

chris and ellie
Snowball fight!

playing in the snow
Playing in the snow.

sweet girl
Such a sweetheart!

Trying to sled down the street-- there wasn't quite enough snow, nor was it icy enough to sled well, but they kept on trying!

snowy house
Our house covered in snow.

sweet kiddos
Sweet kiddos.

ellie sledding
Ellie "sledding"

fun with christopher
He's such a good big brother and let Ellie try and bury him in the snow.

Lexie sledding

snowball fight
Snowball fight!!!

sweet ben
Sweet Ben!

trying to ride her trike
Ellie REALLY wanted to ride her trike in the snow and got frustrated when she couldn't get it to go.

One of the perks of having a teenager!  After he did our driveway, he went around the neighborhood shoveling driveways with a friend.

Lexie and her baby snowman.

backyard fun
Fun in the backyard!

Still snowing!

snow day
We wrapped up our chilly snow day playing boardgames and everyone was ready for an early bedtime-- playing in the snow for a few hours (or shoveling driveways for six!) really wears you out!!

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