Monday, March 20, 2017

happy birthday, lexie

beauty and the beast
To celebrate Lexie's birthday this year, we went to see Beauty and the Beast at the movie theater.  While Lexie was definitely looking forward to it, Ellie was excitedly counting down the days and insisted on wearing her Belle dress.

movie theater fun
Fun at the movie theater!  The kids were excited that we went to a theater with reclining seats!

happy birthday lexie
After the movie we went to On the Border for a birthday lunch.  Lexie got to stand on her chair and twirl a napkin while being serenaded and thought it was absolutely hilarious.  And Ellie clearly enjoyed the chocolate syrup on her ice cream!

lexie's cake
That evening we had birthday cake with our neighbors and the kids played outside.

lunch with the birthday girl
On her official NINTH birthday, we brought lunch (and donuts!) to school and ate with Lexie and her friends.

opening presents
That evening she opened up her presents-- mostly new clothes!!

make a wish!
And we finished up the birthday cake!  Happy birthday, sweet girl!!

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