Sunday, April 30, 2017

april insta update

april insta love one
1. Another beautiful day for a tennis match!  2. Another great match!  3. Tried somewhere new for lunch.
4. Up with the sun and ready for church.  5. Egg hunt!  6. Easter lunch :)
7. She loves the hot and sour soup  8. Dancing in the rain.  9. Date night!

april insta love two
(1) Ready for the birthday shopping spree!  (2) Goofy girl!  (3) Such a sweetheart
(4) Doing some bear building!  (5) Snoozin' through lunch.  (6) Reunited at last!!!
(7) Car full of crazies!!  (8) Rub-a-dub-dub, two silly girls in the tub  (9) Waiting so patiently for Hannah

april insta love three
(1) Morning snuggles.  (2) Quesadilla faces!  (3) Taco night
(4) Lazy bums  (5) Lunch with the birthday boy!  Can't believe he's TEN!!  (6) Went to PopBar for the first time-- delicious!!
(7) Fun at 'Tawba Walk  (8) Her eyes are closed just like her puppy's!  (9) Fun at 'Tawba Walk!

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