Sunday, April 23, 2017

fun with hannah

it's hannah time!
My sister and her family made the move to North Carolina (finally!!) and Hannah got to come hang out with us for a few days while Janne and Adam unpacked and got settled into their new house.  Ellie and Hannah were SOOOO excited to see each other!!

splish splash
Two giggly girls in the tub.

relaxing mornings
To make it even more exciting, Grandma was here, too!  Hannah seemed to be a bit overtired from her cross-country drive so she slept late in the morning (while Ellie waited patiently for her to get up) and then snuggled for awhile (to everyone's delight).

such silly girls
These two are silly wherever they go!

shopping and dinner
Grocery shopping for taco fixin's.

hannah singing
Singing about her quesadilla.

relaxing and shopping
Snuggles in the morning and shopping in the afternoon.

fun at target
One of many trips to Target.

tricking auntie janne
We met Auntie Janne for lunch when she was ready to pick up Hannah and she was shocked (and a bit angry!) to see that we got Hannah's ears pierced.  Doesn't she look cute though?!  After letting Janne panic for a minute, we let her know that they were just stick-on earrings!

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