Friday, June 23, 2017

road trip day thirteen: disneyland

goofy morning
On our last Disneyland day (for this week, at least!), we ran into Goofy first thing in the morning-- what a fun start to the day!

bengal bbq
A snack while everyone else rode Indy-- one of these days she'll be tall enough for everything, but for now, she's totally appeased with a few chunks of chicken.

churro break
More snacks-- this would prove to be the theme of the day.  This time, churros from the Haunted Mansion churro cart (the best one!).

tom sawyer island
We made sure to check out the Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island as it had just reopened.

island fun
Exploring the island.

Getting wet feet on the pontoon bridge.

The kids loved that they were free to explore the island (with a buddy).  It was a nice break from the structured lines as well as a break from the crowds!

splash photopass
- Splash Mountain -

splash fun
The kids convinced Grandpa (not that it took much convincing!) and Rob to take them on Splash Mountain a couple of times.

rides and dinner
We took a spin on Winnie the Pooh and then headed to French Market for some Mickey-inspired lunch.

big thunder mountain
- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad -

more rides
Rides, rides, rides

meeting belle
We were hanging out in Fantasyland and saw Belle and Gaston quickly walking through but Belle stopped to talk to Ellie when she saw that Ellie had on a "Belle" shirt!  It totally made Ellie's day (and Grandpa's because it meant we didn't have to wait in line to meet her!)!!

Waiting in line for King Arthur Carrousel.

carrousel one
- King Arthur Carrousel -

carrousel two
- King Arthur Carrousel -

carrousel three
- King Arthur Carrousel -

- Alice in Wonderland -

afternoon parade
We watched part of the afternoon parade after we got off of It's a Small World-- Ellie was excited to see Belle again!

dinner break
Jolly Holiday for dinner is always a favorite!  Ellie loved spending the day with Rob (since he brought clementines) and Lauren (since she carried her around and shared her mouse ears)!

in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
More snacks!  Dole whip floats and the Tiki Room!

Crazy drivers on the Autopia.

space mountain
Grandma took Ben and Ellie back to the hotel to go to bed and everyone else headed to Space Mountain for more thrills.

We watched the fireworks from the Space Mountain exit-- while it's not my first choice place to watch, it was fun!

silly girls
More snacks-- I guess the apple balances out the churro.  We just HAD to get churros from the Star Tours churro cart because some people (Janne!) think it's the best cart--  those people would be wrong!  Since we were there, we went on Star Tours a couple of times.

big thunder and end of the night
We finished up the night with Big Thunder Mountain (my fave!) and ice cream on Main Street!

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