Wednesday, July 19, 2017

road trip day thirty nine: drive to okc

cadillac ranch one
After getting a good night's sleep, we left Albuquerque and headed east.  Our first stop of the day was just outside of Amarillo, TX at Cadillac Ranch.
July 19, 2017 - Amarillo TX - State #7 Again - 4852 miles

cadillac ranch two
- Cadillac Ranch -

learning to spray paint
The kids all learned how to use spray paint so that they could add to the graffiti on the cars.

paint in the face
Some followed directions better than others... and one ended up with spray paint all over her forehead!

cadillac ranch colors
We drove past Cadillac Ranch every year on our drive home but this was the first time that we ventured out to the cars.  It was so cool to see the bright colors against the green fields and blue skies.

braum's and shamrock
After our spray painting adventures, we stopped at Braum's for "lunch" (we just had ice cream!) and then continued east to Shamrock, TX to see the gas station that was the inspiration for Ramones in Cars.

hotel in okc
When we made it to Oklahoma City, we got settled into our room and then went downstairs for happy hour.
July 19, 2017 - Oklahoma City OK - State #11 - 5120 miles

dinner in the room
We ordered pizza for dinner and had a relaxing evening in the room watching TV.

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