Thursday, October 26, 2017

october randomness

october randoms
October fun: Naps on the couch, fall drinks at Starbucks, running errands and lunch, and new cookies at Starbucks!

dinner at the pit
We were invited to attend the annual WWP night at The Pit here in Mooresville.  The kids were excited to make their own bowls from the catered Qdoba!

go-karts at the pit
The kids (and Jacob!) love doing the go-karts at The Pit!

rock climbing at the pit
The big kids were able to go a lot higher on the climbing wall this year.

laser tag at the pit
And Ellie was finally big enough to do laser tag!!  She went with Chris and had so much fun that she didn't want to leave!

poor girl!
On the way out of The Pit, Ellie fell and smacked her face and ended up with a big bump on her forehead and scraped up knees.  She spent the next day taking it easy-- Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets for BREAKFAST, riding in the cart at Target and laying on the couch with her legs elevated.

firepit fun
We enjoyed fire-pitting with our neighbors while we had beautiful fall weather!

guac and fajitas
Ellie loves helping in the kitchen- especially when we make guacamole because she gets to be the taste tester!  We love homemade guac with our fajitas!!

october randoms
Lunch after church.  Cute hair (and a handmedown shirt from her younger cousin!).  Pumpkin pizza from Papa Murphy's.

lunch date
We had a lunch date at PF Changs on "Free Sushi Day" and while Ellie didn't want to try the sushi, she loved the lettuce wraps!  We had to stop at Target on the way home and Ellie took a "rest" on the bottom of the cart.


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