Saturday, December 2, 2017

carowinds winterfest

winterfest tree lighting
Carowinds introduced Winterfest this year and we HAD to check it out since Christmas decorations and amusement parks are two of our favorite things!!  We started the night with the tree lighting show on their giant, 70 foot tree.

winterfest carousel one
The big kids humored Ellie and we started with the carousel-- the roller coasters were closed so we had more time to check out the shows and "smaller" rides.

carousel lovers
She still gets SOOOO excited every time we go on a carousel!

winterfest carousel.mp4
She was completely giddy the whole time we were on the carousel.

the albaeck sweethearts
After the boys rode Afterburn (the only coaster open during the event) the kids all posed for a few pictures in front of all of the Christmas lights.

It was magical seeing the park covered in lights!

winterfest cookies one
Winterfest had unique experiences that aren't found during a regular day at Carowinds like decorating Christmas cookies!

winterfest cookies two
We bought the giant sugar cookies and the kids had a blast decorating and then eating them!!

winterfest petting zoo
Petting zoos are always a hit!

winterfest entertainment
Pictures with the performers.

winterfest swings
The kids were excited to try out some new-to-them rides like the swings...

... and the Rock-n-Rollercoaster!!

winterfest games
Apparently, according to our children, the fact that we never let them play the games at Carowinds is a travesty so we caved and they each played a game during Winterfest-- and they all won cute, little winter puppies.

carowinds winterfest
We all had a great time at Winterfest and it was a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit!

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