Saturday, December 23, 2017

december fun

sleep sweet
She FINALLY started sleeping in her big girl bed instead of the pack-n-play (because I'm sure THAT was comfortable for a four year old!!) but she still loves coming into our room to snuggle/sleep.

The kids were excited to finally have snow in December since we usually get it after Christmas.

snow and warming up
We just got a dusting but it didn't stop Ellie from going outside to catch snowflakes on her tongue and warm up by the fire.

target and basketball
We made a special trip to Target to try the Christmas Tree Frappuccino at Starbucks (the kids gave it a solid "meh").  We lucked out and our Target had a photobooth set up and handed out cookies and chocolate milk!

mms band concert
Nick started playing the trombone this year and we were excited to go hear the 7th grade band show off their new skills.

MMS 7th Grade Band

photos by ellie
Ellie still loves to hijack my phone and take pictures of things around the house or of herself.

afternoon at the movies
I love that Ellie is now old enough that we can all go see a movie like Ferdinand together.

Nick finally built the Meccano Meccanoid robot that he received last Christmas and loves showing us all the cool things he can do.

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