Wednesday, January 17, 2018

snow day

snow day
We finally got another decent snowfall this winter and the kids were SOOOO excited, especially since it was still snowing when they woke up!  They quickly got bundled up in their snow gear and headed outside to play.

snow on her head
Poor Ellie, her daddy thinks it's funny to dump snow on her head!  She got back at him by throwing a snowball at Nicholas, LOLOL!!

sweet ellie
- sweet girl -

ellie sledding
Ellie loves sledding down our street as long as someone pulls her up the hill and then makes sure that she doesn't fall off.

lexie in the snow
I love Lexie's bright pink pants-- they make her so easy to see in the snow!

more sledding
When one kid gets tired of pulling her around, she just switches siblings-- it's a good thing she has so many!

snow angels
Sweet snow angels!

sledding from the porch
Ellie figured out that she could sled down the hill from our front porch and wanted to do it over and over and over.

- sledding down the hill -

rolling down the hill
Lexie decided to roll down the hill instead of using a sled so Ellie switched to copy her big sis.  Both thought it was totally hilarious!

- rolling down the hill -

post-snow warmth and snack
After warming up by the fire, the girls took a bath and then enjoyed the new Yoplait Girl Scout Cookie yogurts for a snack.

Ellie's sledding video clip aired on NBC Nightly News!!

snow day two
The next morning the kids got bundled up and played in the snow for a few hours before it started to melt.  Snow days are always a favorite in our house, especially because we only have one or two a year!

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