Saturday, March 10, 2018

nc zoo

nc zoo one
We love meeting the Gaubs at the NC Zoo for a day of fun!!  This time Chris had to work and Ben had basketball so Jacob stayed home with to run them around and the rest of us met Auntie Janne, Hannah, and GRANDMA!!

seals at the nc zoo
The little girls loved watching the seals and sea lions.... I think they would have been content to spend the entire day there!


polar bear at the nc zoo
We left the seals and sea lions and made our way to the polar bear exhibit (one of my faves!!) and really, we could have just gone back and forth between the two and used up all of our time at the zoo!  

Look, a polar bear!!

fun at the zoo
We packed a lunch and of course, the littles fought over who got to sit next to Grandma.  After lunch, the kids played on the playground and then we continued to explore the zoo.

such sweethearts
- Hannah (3) and Ellie (4) -

sweet and silly
- the littlest Albaeck sweetheart -

ellie the elephant
One of Ellie's all-time favorite books is "Ellie the Elephant" and she says they're her favorite animal so we always make sure to get lots of pictures! 

riding the rhino
The kids love taking pictures on all of the statues throughout the zoo!

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