Friday, April 27, 2018

april randoms-- food edition

two scoops opening
We went to the Grand Opening of Two Scoops Lake Norman and the kids got a kick out of the two scoop cones!

firestorm pizza
- Lunch date with just the girls at Firestorm Pizza -

firepit fun
We love having a fire and dinner with our neighbors when the weather is nice!

lunch and a movie
Lunch at Costco and "Geostrom" for pizza and movie night.

tacos 4 life
We went to the soft opening at Tacos 4 Life-- officially my new favorite tacos in North Carolina!!

lunch date
Lunch date at Pei Wei-- we were so excited to find one only 30 minutes from our house!!

ice cream after lunch
Ninety's is right by Pei Wei so we HAD to stop there after lunch!

lunch date
We try and go to lunch once a week to try out new restaurants - it's much cheaper to go when the big kids are all in school!  This week's lunch date was at the newly opened Davidson Ice House with a stop at Whit's Frozen Custard afterwards.

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