Saturday, January 31, 2009

isabella's birthday party

We went to Isabella's birthday party this evening.  It was a roller skating party at SkateCity!  Christopher and Nicholas have been excited about the party all week and have been talking about it nonstop.  Unfortunately, they haven't ever skated before.  They were still excited when we walked in and said hi to everyone.  Then we got skates, and that's when the problems began.

As soon as they had skates on their feet they started whining.  I wasn't able to go out and skate with them because I also had Ben and Lexie with me.  Luckily, Isabella's Dad, Bob, offered to help!  He took them each around the rink once and they were done.  They wanted nothing to do with skating.

They did have a good time playing with Isabella and having pizza, cake, and icecream!  I think it will probably be another couple of years before they're really ready for a skating party!

Christopher with his skates on- and his ripped jeans that he insisted on wearing because they're "cool"!

Nick and Bob skating.


Lexie hung out in the stroller (she does that a lot!)

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  1. So Christopher is now one of the "cool kids!" And Lexie looks so much older... :-(


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