Saturday, January 31, 2009

this week's phone call

Jacob was able to call for a few minutes tonight and he sounds great.  He's feeling a lot better although he still is tired.  They are officially in White Phase now which means less drill sergeant supervision.  He said their DS's are actually pretty nice and their platoon is pretty relaxed-- it's also the one that works the best together and has had the least amount of issues.

They suffered through the ice storm this week.  He said it was really cold and they got about 4 inches of snow on top of the 2 inches of ice.  Fort Leonard Wood shut down for several days because of the severity of the weather.  Luckily it is starting to warm back up.

They went to the shooting range today but still didn't get to shoot.  They spent a lot of time laying on the ground in the water looking at the targets.  :)  They get to shoot on Tuesday.

He's looking forward to watching the SuperBowl tomorrow.  I guess only 20 out of 176 are getting to watch it.  They also have a 4 hour on-post pass so he'll get a little bit of free time.  He is very excited that they only have 6 weeks left in the BCT portion before moving onto AIT!!

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