Sunday, February 1, 2009

valentine's jammies

Lexie wore her new Valentine's jammies last night so I decided to take a few pictures of her in them this morning.  As soon as the camera was out Christopher and Nicholas decided they needed to be in the pictures too!

Lexie in her new jammies.

Christopher loves his little sister.

Then Nick wanted in on the fun!

Poor Ben was taking a nap during all of this.  He doesn't feel well!  And just because I was having fun with my computer:


  1. Your kids are so adorable! I love Lexie's big blue eyes. Good thing she has 3 older brothers to look out for her, cause she's gonna be a heartbreaker!

  2. I agree with Kyle- your kids are adorable! I love Lexie's new Valentine jammies- are the boys getting new heart jammies in pink? They'd like them =)

  3. Thanks Kyle and Mom!! And no, the boys are not getting pink jammies, and yes, Christopher was upset!! :)


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