Saturday, January 31, 2009

red phase survey

I sent Jacob a questionnaire about Basic Training to fill out and send back.  I figured it would be easier for him than having to respond to questions scattered throughout letters.

1. Do you sleep on the top or bottom bunk?  Bottom bunk
2. Where is your "battle buddy" from? Florida
3. How old is he? 19
4. How many people are in your barracks? 51
5. How many people are in your platoon? 44
6. What is your Platoon's nickname? Punishers
7. How often do you have fireguard? Every other night for a 1.5 hour shift
8. Is it boring or do you look forward to it? We have to clean.  I'm not a big fan of mopping in the dark.
9. Do you like the food? It's ok.  It's getting redundant.
10. What do you usually eat for breakfast? 4 bacon, 2 eggs,  hashbrowns, 1 biscuit, 1 banana, 2 nutragrain bars, 1 waffle, water and milk.
11. What do you usually eat for lunch? Changes daily
12. What do you usually eat for dinner? Changes daily
13. How many hours of sleep do you usually get each night? 4
14. What time is lights out? 2030.  We have to "sleepwalk" to do laundry, etc.
15. What time do you get up? 0345
16. How are the beds and are you getting good at making yours? The beds are firm but ok.  My bunk has never been tossed so I must do it right and I am good at my hospital corners!
17. What is the hardest part of PT? None of it.
18. What has been the hardest thing so far? Getting along with the dumba** kids
19. What's been the easiest? Sleeping
20. What has been the most fun? The team building course
21. What makes you laugh? Our DS's.  They have quite a sense of humor.
22. Are Sundays and easier day? Yes, we just have to work on our bays.
23. Do you shower in the morning or evening? We do shower drills in the evening.  10 minutes for 51 guys to shower.
24. Are your boots comfortable? Boots are great- no blisters!
25. Do you have mail call everyday? We do, they don't hold it anymore.
26. How many times have you been to the PX? What did you buy? Once. Haircut, pens, lotion.
27. Have you named your weapon? Yup.  Jenne.  :)
28. If you were told you had to do BCT again, would you? Blah.  I would, it is not that bad.
29. What would you like more- a days rest or a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese? A day to rest and hang out.
30. Are you the oldest one in your platoon? I am the second oldest.  The oldest is 28.
31. Have you had to do an IV yet? How did you do? I did great.
32. At this point in your training, what is the thing that stresses you the most? My PT test until I passed Phase V standards at Phase I.
33. What encourages you the most? You and my battle buddy!
34. What discourages you the most? Stupid teens.
35. What's your favorite thing to do? Eat chow!
36. What's your least favorite thing to do? Stand in formation when it is -11 out.
37. Have any guys in your platoon had to quit or go home? Why? None.
38. Have you lost or gained weight? Not 100% sure.
39. If you could eat anything you wanted right now, what would it be? Jack in the Box
40. Did you order the pictures that were taken at Reception? Yes.

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  1. What a great way to get lot of information! I laughed at how much breakfast he eats =)


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