Saturday, March 7, 2009

graduation and other news

Jacob was able to call a couple of times this week!!  On Wednesday they did a 15k road march as well as the night infiltration course.  That's the one where you crawl under the barbed wire with the live fire over your head!  :)  After that, they graduated from basic training.  They had the Army Values Tag ceremony and became official soldiers.

Now they are just hanging out until they can begin the AIT portion on March 13.  He said that they are going to make up some of the things that they missed due to weather.  They did the obstacle course on Friday and today they were working on land navigation.  On Monday they are supposed to do Warrior Tower.

In other news, Christopher stayed home from school on Thursday because he had a sore throat and crampy stomach (he's fine now).  Nick heard several of our conversations about Christopher's crampy stomach.  Later in the day, Nick said he wasn't feeling well.  I asked him what hurt and he replied, "I have, (dramatic pause) the cramp!"  He's feeling much better now, as well.  :)

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  1. It sounds like Jacob's "summer camp" is getting more fun! And Nick just makes me laugh..


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