Monday, March 30, 2009

lexie's 1st birthday!!

The boys were very excited for Lexie's birthday.  At 7am they began asking if it was time to get her up yet!!  They were all convinced that since she turned one, she would be able to walk and talk.  After all, Ben is one, and he can do that!!  When she was finally ready to get up (closer to 9am) they all ran in her room and danced around the pack-n-play singing "Happy Birthday"!!  She loved being the center of attention!!

Happy Birthday Lexie!!

After lunch, we met Grandma, Uncle Abe, Auntie Beth, Uncle Wes, Tobey, Kaden, and Lucas at Desert Breeze park to play!!  It was great seeing everyone and the kids had fun running around together.

Nick loves the slides.

Ben found a new favorite park toy!

Auntie Beth and Lexie

Tobey and Christopher kept sliding down the climbing thing.

When everyone was worn out from running all over the park, we headed over to the carousel (or round-n-round as it's still called at our house!).  Uncle Wes was the lucky one that got to take ALL of the big boys!!

Tobey (4), Christopher (5), Uncle Wes, Ben (1), Kaden (2), Abe (4), and Nick (4)

Lucas (5m) and Lexie (1) watched the boys!

After our fun at the park, we went to Bethany and Wesley's apartment to celebrate Lexie's birthday!!  Bethany did a great job decorating!  As a mother to three boys, she was very excited to buy everything pink!!  :)  The kids had fun playing while the adults chatted.

Lexie loved bouncing Lucas in his bouncy seat!

Lexie's latest silly face!

She did not like her birthday headband!

But once we took it off and she had some pizza, she was a happy camper!

Christopher, Tobey, Kaden, Abraham, and Nicholas ate out on the patio.

And Ben ate inside with Lexie.

Ben's silly "cheese" face!  :)

After dinner it was time for dessert!!  Lexie had a really cute "My Little Pony" cake made out of cupcakes!  The boys were very excited!  They all sang "Happy Birthday" to Lexie, and she enjoyed being the center of attention, again!

Very unsure of what to do.

Oh!  This is yummy!!!

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