Sunday, December 13, 2009


Today was our first day at EPCOT (also known as the day that we ate our way around the world). We got up bright and early, had a quick breakfast at the hotel, and were on our way to EPCOT by 8am.

Mickey and Minnie

Once we made it into the park we headed straight for Test Track. While Jacob, Christopher, and Nicholas rode, Ben, Lexie, and I picked up fastpasses for Mission:Space. The boys LOVED Test Track and were excited to head over to Mission:Space. Unfortunately, Nick wasn't quite tall enough- which meant that Christopher got to ride twice. Nick, Ben, and Lexie had fun playing in the play area while Jacob, Christopher, and I took turns riding.

Then we were off to the World Showcase for some lunch and traveling. Christopher and Nicholas each got a passport to get stamped in each country that we traveled to.

Getting the passports ready.

The golf ball! :)

Japan in the distance.

Nick with his passport- notice how he's hiding behind the passport? He's also scowling, a trend that continued through the day.

We started our travels in Canada.

Nicholas, Jacob, Christopher

Pictures with the Canadian Santa Claus (who Nick decided wasn't real)

Then we traveled to the United Kingdom. We watched a hilarious version of the Christmas Carol, did some shopping and had a delicious lunch of fish and chips at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

She loves her ketchup!

Silly girl!!

Yum-yum! Nick decided he liked this kind of fish too.

Christopher and Nicholas on a street in the UK.

We continued traveling into France where we stopped for some pastries. Lexie went to meet Marie from the Aristocats but was very apprehensive. Then we all met Sleeping Beauty- Lexie was still scared but the boys were very chatty.

Pretty girl!

On our way out of France, Jacob and I tried the slushes that get rave reviews on the Travel Channel. He had the Grand Marnier Orange Slush while I had the Grey Goose Limon Slush- both were delicious!!

Grey Goose Limon

Lexie taking a nap in the stroller.

We continued traveling through Morocco and into the United States. Christopher and Nicholas had fun getting their passports stamped at each country. Ben was really intrigued with the Christmas tree in the United States and insisted that he get his picture taken with it.

Ben and the Christmas tree

The little model.

Shortly after this, Ben fell asleep in the stroller. He doesn't look comfortable at all, but he slept like this for awhile. We stopped in Germany for a beer and pretzels.

Sleepy boy and Lexie with her pretzel.

Once we got to Mexico, it was time for dinner! We had a fantastic meal at the San Angel Inn- surprisingly, it was some of the best Mexican food we've ever had!! The restaurant is situated inside a building, but made to look like an outdoor plaza.

the Albaeck kids

the Mexican plaza

World Showcase at night!

The EPCOT tree

Once we were done at the World Showcase, we went on the Nemo ride and then headed to Downtown Disney for dessert at the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain.

Waiting for our order.

The Earthquake- 8 scoops of ice cream, 8 different toppings, bananas, whipped cream, chopped almonds, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and cherries!

15 minutes later.

Then it was time to head home for baths and bed. We have another big day tomorrow!!


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  1. Looks like they all had fun! I miss Disney World! give my nephews and niece a big hug and a kiss!


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