Monday, December 31, 2012

mooresville christmas parade

Every year, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, our town has a Christmas parade.  For the past 68 years, the parade has gone down Main Street (though three years it went up instead) and we were excited to attend this year.  In years past, the town of Mooresville (and the neighboring four towns) closed for the afternoon one day a week, and Tuesday was Mooresville's day.  In keeping with the tradition, schools have early release and most businesses close early so that people can attend the afternoon parade.  Over 15,000 people (in a town of 30,000) attend with another 3500 participating in the parade.

christmas fire trucks
Fire trucks from all of the neighboring towns helped to kick off the parade.

nascar christmas
We live in Nascar country now (most teams are headquartered here) and this car was one of Ben's favorites!

Christopher and Nicholas walked the 1.4 miles of the parade with their Cub Scout Pack

big boys parade
Enjoying the parade after walking

parade nativities
Live nativities from local churches :)


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  1. What a great community you guys live in! It's like a throw-back to the 50's!


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