Thursday, October 17, 2013

pre-k field trip

ready to ride
Lexie's pre-k class went to Triple Diamond Farm to go horseback riding for their field trip this year.  After learning about riding safety and touring the stables, everyone headed outside to ride.

All of the kids got to ride at least once, and some, like Lexie, rode as many times as possible.  She did not want to get off and began asking for her own horse as soon as she got down.


playing and lunch
After everyone had their turn riding it was off to the playground to burn off some energy before our BBQ lunch!

girl and a horse
Before we headed home at the end of the day we had to stop and say goodbye to the horses again.  Lexie (and the rest of her class!) had a great day at the farm and I know one little girl who has her heart set on a pony and riding lessons!


  1. She looks like she needs a pony! I guess it was after this field trip she told me she reeeeeeally wanted a horse??

    1. Yep, this is the one! And every time she sees the pictures she starts it up again!


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