Sunday, December 29, 2013

welcome home!

After a fun few days of takeout and watching "Friends", we were ready to take Ellie home on Friday.  She spent most of Thursday and all of Thursday night under the bili lights so we needed to get her levels checked one last time before we could get discharged.  Luckily, she was good to go as long as we followed up with the pediatrician the next day!  After lunch (and another round of pain meds!), we packed everything up and said goodbye to the hospital!

ready to head home
She looks so tiny in her carseat!!

We made a quick stop at Target (to pick up pain meds!) and at Papa Murphy's (to pick up pizza!) before making it home.  Grandma and Grandpa helped all of the kids-- or maybe the other way around?!-- decorate the house for Ellie's arrival.

welcome home
Streamers and banners for the newest arrival!

the girls
Finally home.  Lexie was happy to finally have another girl in the house and Zoe was excited to meet Ellie- and give her kisses!

grandpa, christopher and ellie
Ellie made the rounds since everyone wanted a turn to hold her.

And then she passed out in her swing (she's so little!!) while the rest of us had pizza and watched "Planet 51"

sweet treats
And after dinner we enjoyed some sweet treats-- Auntie Janne and Uncle Adam sent AMAZING chocolate dipped bananas and strawberries and Papa Murphy's sent us home with free cookie dough to celebrate baby Ellie!!

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  1. It's so fun to come home to a decorated house! What great kids! I'm sure they were so excited!


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