Sunday, December 29, 2013

at the hospital

Since I had a c-section, we stayed at the hospital for four days.  I remember when Christopher was born and we were ready to get out of the hospital and home as soon as possible.  This time, I was excited to stay as long as I could-- it was like a vacation away from the noise and chaos of our house full of kids!!  Grandma and Grandpa came to the hospital several times while the kids were in school so that they could play with Ellie in peace and quiet!  And sometimes they came to visit after school so that all the kids could come too.

eating with grandma
Grandma loves feeding "her" Ellie

big brothers
Ellie and 2/3 of her crazy big brothers!

It's so fun having a newborn again-- you can just cuddle them all day.  Or at least you can until they need to head to the tanning bed.

first family photo
Our first family picture as a family of SEVEN

view from the hospital
Amazing view of downtown Charlotte from the hospital

pretty girl
Such a pretty, squishy baby

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