Sunday, December 29, 2013

elizabeth paige

On the morning of November 5, Jacob and I headed to Presbyterian Hospital bright and early so that we could check in by 5 for my 7am c-section.  After we checked in, we were taken to a room and had a bit of time to relax before all the chaos started.  Around 6 the nurse came in to do all of the pre-op paperwork and start my IV.  I'm not a fan of needles (at all!) so the IV is always the hardest part for me.  I must be growing up though because even though it took two nurses, both arms, and three sticks, I didn't pass out!!

The anesthesiologist and assisting OB (I had never met her) both came in to chat about the timeline and plans for surgery as well as go over all of my medical history.  We headed to the OR just before 7 and things started moving quickly!  They did my spinal while Jacob changed into a marshmallow suit-- he looked just like the Michelin Man!

It took quite a while for the spinal to fully start working (much longer than I remember in previous c-sections) and Jacob wasn't able to come in until after they did the first incision (just in case they needed to redo the spinal or do a general).  Unfortunately, they did not allow cameras in the OR so we weren't able to get any pictures of her being born.

After a bunch of cutting and pulling, Elizabeth "Ellie" Paige was born.  As soon as she was out she had a big pouty lip and started crying.  I'm sure that pouty lip will help her get all sorts of things from her Daddy and brothers!  She was cleaned up in the OR and then Jacob brought her over by me and held her while they finished up the c-section.  Once they were ready to close, Jacob and Ellie went to the recovery room for her first bath.

elizabeth paige. 7 pounds, 13 ounces. 20.5 inches

hospital bath
Her first bath in the recovery room.

I met Jacob and Ellie in the recovery room and was finally able to get a good look at her!  I waited a little bit to hold her because I wasn't ready to sit up enough to hold her comfortably.  Jacob kept her right by me so that I could watch her sleep.  We were in the recovery room for a couple of hours and then moved to a postpartum room for the rest of our stay.

with mommy and daddy
First pictures with Mommy and Daddy

The kids left for school before we were out of the OR so we emailed their teachers a picture of her along with all of her stats and her name (they didn't know it yet).  Their teachers were so excited to share the news with them-- and to get to see pictures!!

Once everyone got home from a busy day at school, Grandma and Grandpa brought them all to the hospital to meet their new baby sister.  Everyone was excited and couldn't wait to hold her!  After hands were thoroughly washed, she was passed around the room so that everyone got a turn.

Lexie was thrilled to finally be a big sister!  And to finally have another girl in the house!

big brothers
Big brothers again.  This little girl is going to have oh so much fun when she wants to start dating!

with the grandparents
Getting loved on by Grandpa and Grandma

all five
The first (of many!) pictures of the Albaeck Five.


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