Monday, March 31, 2014

march 2014 insta update

march insta love one
(1) Morning bottles from your big sister are the best  (2) Apparently we don't feed her enough  (3) Sleepy girl
(4) Splish splash I'm taking a bath  (5) Half smile on her 4 month birthday  (6) Such a happy girl!
(7) OMG.  Yum.  (8) Snoozin' through breakfast  (9) Such pretty bruschetta

march insta love two
(1) She loves talking to all the toys on her jumper  (2) Big birthday party cakes  (3) Christopher was chosen to represent his class and present a Keynote at Technology Night
(4) She looks so big and so little all at the same time in her new highchair  (5) Lunch with the birthday girl  (6) Cupcake time!
(7) Celebrating Lexie's birthday with FREE "First day of Spring" ice at Rita's  (8) Birthday girl  (9) The playmate is tiring with all the extra toys the big kids attached

march insta love three
(1) Strawberry shortcake for the birthday girl  (2) Apparently Ellie wanted to watch Frozen, too  (3) The only time I'm ever excited to be up at 6am
(4) Feet are the best toys ever!!  (5) Patiently waiting while Daddy, Chris and Nick do the go-karts at The Pit  (6) Chris and Nick racing
(7) Laser tag time!  (8) Black-light mini golf  (9) Pizza and hockey

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