Monday, June 30, 2014

june insta update 2014

june insta love one
(1) Such a happy baby this morning  (2) Lunch at school with Nick  (3) Sleepy snuggles
(4) Playtime  (5) Swimming lesson fun  (6) Somebody's hair curls in the humidity
(7) Carrots were a hit!  (8) Playing with her new duckies from Grandma and Grandpa  (9) Sweet baby girl

june insta love two
(1) 7 months old already  (2) Home. Sweet. Home.  (3) Swim time
(4) Christopher remembered a lot from last summer  (5) Morning hugs and coffee  (6) Celebrating National Donut Day with a Cinnamon Brown Sugar Peach Buttercream donut
(7) First french fry  (8) Such a Lexie face!  (9) She loves her Lambie from Auntie Janne and Uncle Adam

june insta love three
(1) DARE Graduation.  Way to go, Christopher!  (2) Teasing the baby!  (3) Saltines are a hit
(4) First night in her own room :(  (5) Watching a summer storm  (6) Two beautiful girls
(7) Way to go, Christopher!  "A" Honor Roll all year!  (8) Morning and afternoon  (9) First day of summer vacation :)

insta love four
(1) Making belated birthday fajitas during a break in the storm  (2) Finishing them in the rain  (3) Yum!  Rain didn't ruin them at all!  (4) Mile High Swinging Bridge
(5) We saw a bear  (6) Sodas on the front porch  (7) Salsa sampler  (8) The Mojave bowl at Coyote Kitchen is one of the best things I've ever eaten
(9) Loving the meatball pizza!  (10) Ready for fun at Camp Blaze  (11) Sleeping so sweetly  (12) Such a sweet face :)

insta love five
(1) Ben lost another tooth  (2) Can't imagine life without her  (3)  She's getting big wayyyy too quickly!  (4) Sweet baby smiles
(5) Fun at swimming  (6) Forgot to pack a snack-- at least she has yummy toes!  (7) Learning boat safety  (8) Fun on the slides
(9) Learning the basics of CPR  (10) When you're older, the boat hits rapids and then tips over  (11) Ben and Lexie both got their yellow bands today!  (12) Cutest breakfast date ever

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