Thursday, July 31, 2014

swimming and baseball.... must be summer

swimming lessons
In July, the big kids all did another session of swimming lessons at our local YMCA and Ben FINALLY learned how to float!!

swimming lessons
Ben and Lexie were in the same class along with two other kids about their age.  It was amazing to see their progress over the course of the summer.

chris and nick swimming
While Christopher and Nicholas have both done swimming lessons before, everything seemed to click this summer and they grew by leaps and bounds.

puff face
The big kids have their swimming lessons over the course of two hours and while they just play in the pool when it's not time for their class, Ellie is stuck sitting on the side and watching.  At least puffs make for an entertaining snack!

charlotte knights game
We were able to attend a Charlotte Knights (minor-league) baseball game with our church at the new stadium in Uptown Charlotte.  Pastor Jack got to throw the first pitch and we were all there to show our support!

swimming lessons
Swimming sweeties :)

Lexie practicing her "airplanes"

They learned the basics of CPR during their last lesson.  I really appreciate how the YMCA lessons cover things like boat safety and basic first aid!

water slides
Free time on the slides is definitely the highlight of going to the pool for lessons.

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