Thursday, April 30, 2015

april happenings

This month... 
redbud blooms
... we watched our redbud explode into beautiful purple blooms

fun on the swings
... Lexie and Ellie had fun swinging

monkey bars
... and Lexie played on the monkey bars

basketball fun
... the kids played with their new basketball hoop

more fun on the swings
... Ellie played on the swing-- a lot!
trying to get the bubbles
... Ellie tried to catch bubbles as Lexie blew them

... Ellie spent lots of time driving around the house

sweet ellie and ben
... the kids liked posing Ellie for pictures and Ben had his 2nd grade "Dances Around the World" program

... Ben's class did a dance from India

skyline from stadium
... we went to a Charlotte Knights game with Wounded Warrior Project

knights game
... the kids loved the game- especially the catered dinner :)

... Ellie loved Christopher's chorus concert

... Ellie finally became a walker!  While she had been cruising the furniture and pushing her car or chairs for months, she rarely let go and tried to walk.
One day after she woke up from her nap she decided she was going to walk and hasn't stopped since!

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