Thursday, April 30, 2015


some"bunny" visited
Looks like some"bunny" made a stop at our house!

easter morning
After sleeping in a bit(!) the kids waited patiently upstairs while we got the coffee and breakfast going and then they all came down together-- with only a little fighting over who got to carry Ellie down the stairs.

easter baskets
Checking out their Easter baskets

waterbottle like the big kids!
Ellie was excited to get a water bottle just like the big kids have!

a FOX waterbottle!!
And Lexie was ECSTATIC that her new water bottle had foxes on it!!

basket goodies
Easter basket fun :)  And yes, Christopher was there too but he was sitting next to me and I didn't get any pictures of him...

egg hunting
After baskets it was time to hunt for eggs!

her first egg
Ellie was very unsure of the egg hunting process at first but once she realized that they had candy inside, she quickly joined in!

Looking for eggs :)

candy baby
After finding an egg she would relax and eat the candy before moving on to the next egg.  Needless to say, she did not find many eggs.

Once all the eggs were found we enjoyed a quick breakfast and then got ready for church.  We spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying each other's company making it a nice, quiet, low-key Easter!!


  1. Thank you for unashamedly posting pictures of Lexi in Christmas pajamas at Easter. I LOVE that my kids aren't the only ones that wear Christmas pjs year round. :D Our families have such a similar vibe. It's very fun!

    1. I'm glad mine aren't the only ones that do it, too!! Nothing like keeping the holidays alive year-round!!


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