Wednesday, September 30, 2015

liberty military family fun day and appomattox

liberty mil fam day one
We went up to Jacob's alma matter (and current school), Liberty University, for their military family fun day.  We had a delicious lunch at the Snowflex Lodge and got to meet the LU mascot, Sparky.

liberty mil fam day two
After lunch, it was time to hit the slopes.  The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center is a one-of-a-kind place for year-round skiing, snowboarding and tubing on a synthetic surface designed to simulate real snow.

lexie and ben
Ben and Lexie ready to go!

Lexie got up to the very edge and then would hop back, unsure of whether she wanted to go down or not.  Once she started down the hill, she made it about three feet before falling over.

lexie falls
Trying again.... and falling.  But at least she kept trying!!

ben snowboarding
Ben seemed like a natural on the slopes-- must be from all the skateboarding he does (though he spent some time falling down, too)!

helping lexie
Jacob tried to help Lexie make it further down the slope but wasn't too successful.  Christopher and Nicholas (once he got his boots adjusted) went down a few times, too, but sadly we did not get any pictures of them.  We only stayed out for about an hour and never actually made it off of the bunny hill because of the constant rain.

dinner and appomattox
After our fun at Liberty, we made a quick stop at Target (for umbrellas) and Chipotle (for dinner) before heading to Appomattox Court House National Historic Park for a tour by lantern.

In April 1865, General Lee surrendered to General Grant at the McLean House in the village of Appomattox Court House.  The land making up Appomattox Court House is absolutely beautiful, even in the pouring rain.

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