Wednesday, September 30, 2015

september insta update

september insta love one
(1) Sweet baby snuggles  (2) He looks so grown up with his new glasses.  Dinner out to celebrate!  (3) She was starving so a buffet was perfect!
(4) Ben tried a chicken liver- he said it wasn't bad!  (5) Her new favorite toy!  (6) Helping make lemon cake
(7) Yummy!! (8) Pretty rainbow during our BBQ tonight  (9) Swings after school

september insta love two
(1) Ready for dinner  (2) Delicious hot s'mores  (3) Breakfast thief
(4) Sweet sisters (and one brother)  (5) Afternoon snack and some girl talk  (6) Apple pickin' time
(7) We decided to let Ellie watch a movie with us-- lasted about four minutes  (8) New England apple cider cake
(9) Apparently our plants didn't get the memo that it's fall

september insta love three
(1) First time in nearly a decade we watched a show live  (2) He lost a tooth and she lost one the next morning.  The tooth fairy sure is busy around here!
(3) Love the $1 breakfast at IKEA
(4) Coffee would be perfection  (5) Snacks with her babies  (6) Toast with homemade apple butter for breakfast
(7) Birthday lunch!  (8) Birthday celebrating continued  (9) Birthday boy and all the kids!

september insta love four
(1) Lunch at the Liberty Military Family Fest  (2) Ready to hit the slopes!  (3) Rainy evening in Appomattox
(4) Appomattox Court House history by lantern  (5) Coffee and shopping with my cutie on a rainy day  (6) Teamwork makes chores more fun!

Singing her favorite song!

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