Tuesday, March 15, 2016

hannah and auntie janne's trip!

best surprise ever
I got the best surprise ever when my sister, Janne, and Hannah showed up all the way from Arizona to meet us for dinner at McAlister's (and hang out with us for a week)!  Apparently they, along with Grandma (who was already in town visiting) and Jacob, orchestrated this plan months ago-- and they were all able to keep the secret!!  The first thing the girls did when we got back to the house was change into matching jammies.

sweet girls
Ellie absolutely ADORES Hannah and follows her around like a second mother.  When they sit next to each other, Ellie tries to help hold Hannah up even though Hannah can easily do it on her own and is as big as Ellie (despite their 363 day age difference).

football fun
The littlest girls had so much fun playing football in the backyard.

Run, Hannah, Run!!!

such cooperation
Trying to get a good picture with such cooperation from these two proved difficult.

Ellie loves "her" Hannah

backyard fun
Fun in the backyard

on the go!
Ellie is always on the go!

matching jammies
More matching jammies-- and cooperation (or lack thereof)!

lunch and shopping
We introduced Auntie Janne and Hannah to Viva Chicken and Publix!

the peachoid
On their last day in town, we drove down to South Carolina to see the Peachoid- a peach shaped water tower.

silly girls
Silly girls at the Peachoid

ellie and the giant peach
Such a smiley girl :)

girls and grandma
The little girls and Grandma

Before taking Grandma, Auntie Janne and Hannah to the airport, we went to Toast for breakfast and walked around the streets of Davidson.

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