Thursday, June 23, 2016

road trip day sixteen: newport beach

We started our next "off" day with lunch at In-N-Out!

newport beach
And then headed to Newport Beach for some fun in the sun!

grandma and ellie
Ellie didn't want anything to do with being in the sand or the water and wanted to be carried the whole time.

beach fun
The other four headed right in-- and all commented how cold it was compared to our North Carolina beaches!

fun in the surf
Fun in the surf-- they also commented on how foamy the water was and said it looked sort of like root beer!

silly christopher
Silly Christopher!

fun on the beach
Lifeguard Grandpa :)

Run, Ben, Run!

daddy's girl
Sometimes she can be such a daddy's girl-- usually when I'm not around!

ellie and grandma
Ellie made the rounds from adult to adult so that she didn't have to touch the sand.

oh nick!
Nick being Nick, and having a blast!

Sweet snuggles :)

ellie and grandpa
Grandpa tried to put Ellie's toes in the water-- it didn't work out too well!

Building a sandcastle.

washed away
Grandpa finally took his hands out of his pockets so that he could help and a big wave came and filled up the castle.  :(

beach life
Loving the beach life.

(grandma's) toes in the sand
Ellie thought it was fun for Grandma's toes to be in the sand and water as long as hers didn't have to be!

silly girl
Such silliness!!!

balboa bars
After a few hours of playtime at the beach, we walked over to get balboa bars (delicious!!) before heading back to the hotel for the evening.

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