Saturday, June 18, 2016

road trip days six to eleven: hanging out in arizona

pool time!
Once we got settled at Grandma and Grandpa's house EVERYONE was excited to head outside and swim!

pool fun?!
So for the next week we hit the pool every day-- but only after getting thoroughly sunscreened (much to the dismay of a certain two year old!).

Fun in the sun!

feed me!
We made sure to go to all of our favorite restaurants-- Serrano's and Frost were two of the first!

science center
After a quick stop for donuts at Bosa, we headed to the Arizona Science Center.

lights, pulleys, and code
Learning about light bulbs, pulleys, and writing computer code.

morse code
The kids were really excited to figure out their names in Morse Code!

science center fun
Science center fun!

always learning
We learned how to make a vortex and all about filtering water.

blurry best friends
Ellie and sweet cousin, Hannah.  They're 363 days apart, almost the same size, and the best of friends!

organ stop
Another favorite for us is Organ Stop Pizza, home of the mighty Wurlitzer!  We always make sure to get there early so we can get a good table and then stay for several sets of music. 

The dancing cats are always a favorite!

"Thriller" on an organ-- not something you hear every day!

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