Wednesday, August 17, 2016

museum of naval aviation and pensacola beach back to huntsville

blue angels
We got to the Museum of Naval Aviation early to catch the Blue Angels practice.  It's amazing watching them fly so close together and with such precision.

bird and fish
A bird flew overhead with a fish in its claws.

trying the planes
Once we made it inside the museum, the first thing the kids wanted to do was sit in the old Blue Angels planes.

big guns
Pretending to shoot the 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns from World War II.  From October 1944 to February 1945, half of all aircraft downed by Navy ships were attributed to this weapon.

exploring the museum
We were amazed at all of the different types of aircraft in the museum.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at a skate shop where Ellie made a new friend and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the view.

A storm rolling in over Pensacola Beach.

We went back to Flounder's for dinner so that the kids could run around and play-- I think every restaurant should be on the water and have a playground!

bamboo forest
The next morning we loaded up the car to drive back to Huntsville to pick Nick up and we made a quick stop in Prattville, AL, to check out the bamboo forest.  This forest was used by the military as a training facility during the Vietnam War era because it simulated the humidity and vegetation of Vietnam.

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