Wednesday, June 28, 2017

road trip day eighteen: newport beach

Enjoying our first In-N-Out of the trip!!

checking out the pier
Checking out Balboa Pier.

sweet ellie
Sweet Ellie :)

beach views
The kids enjoyed the views of the coast and walking up and down the pier.

i'm three
How old are you Ellie??  I'm "free"!!

looking for sea lions
There were a few sea lions playing around the pier-- the kids had fun trying to spot them!

We stopped at Ruby's at the end of the pier for shakes-- so good!

under the pier
Sweet Lexie under the pier.

in the water
We didn't bring swimsuits because the kids weren't going to get in the water but that all changed as soon as they got in the sand!  The had fun playing in the surf and did their best to not get soaked.

sand and sea
Playing in the sand- she was so excited about the itty bitty shell that she found.

Fun in the sun!

oh, ellie!
Playing with (not in!) the water.

Nick LOVES geocaching with Grandma and Grandpa and they are always on the hunt when we're out and about.  He'll go to great lengths to search for the cache (and no, he's nowhere near where he should be so this should not ruin it for future hunters!).

playing with the water
She loved going down to the edge of the water and then waiting for a wave so that she could turn and run away.

so much fun!
Such a silly girl!

yummy dinner
We had the most delicious Italian for dinner at Mama D's Italian Kitchen in Newport Beach.  The whole experience was awesome from the amazing service, to the delicious entrees, to the treats for the kids at the end!  Definitely go if you're looking for great Italian in Newport!


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