Friday, June 30, 2017

road trip day twenty: avila beach to newbury park

breakfast and games
We woke up and had a leisurely (and delicious!) breakfast at the inn and the kids all played while we packed up the van.

avila beach
We headed to Avila Beach for some fun in the sun with Jacob's sister and her fam, and Grandma Robin, Fred and Abe.

These two had a ball playing in the sand with their buckets.

fun in the sun
Fun in the sun.

- Addy -

playing with a crab
Nick and Abe found a crab and brought it over for Grandma Robin to show the little girls.

addy and gwen
Two of our nieces-- they have such different personalities!!!

avila beach two
- Avila Beach -

drive to newbury park
After a few hours playing at the beach, we said "see you later" and headed south to Jacob's grandparents' house in Newbury Park- but not before a quick stop at In-N-Out for lunch!
June 30 2017 - Newbury Park CA - State #10 - 3211 miles

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