Friday, July 14, 2017

road trip days thirty two to thirty thirty four: arizona fun

disney day
We saw on Facebook that Sugarlips Cakery was doing a Disney day with free Disney cupcakes and had to check it out.  The cupcakes were delicious (so we bought some extra ones!) and the kids loved all of the fun Disney touches!

meeting princesses
Ellie and Lexie's favorite part was meeting the Disney princesses!

organ stop one
Another fun night at Organ Stop Pizza-- Ben was getting tired of having pizza for dinner so he opted for a giant salad!

checking out the organ
Grandpa showed the kids how the organ worked and then the organist came out to tell them more about the mighty Wurlitzer.

- the William Tell Overture (Finale) -

organ stop fun
It's fun going in July and getting to hear a mix of Christmas music as well as traditional favorites.

- You're a Grand Old Flag -

sandwiches in the pool
Ben and Lexie convinced Grandma to let them eat lunch in the pool!

starbucks snack
Ellie HAD to try the new strawberry cake pop at Starbucks-- she had more fun playing with it than eating it.

fun in the pool
Back in the pool!

yummy cupcakes
We enjoyed our Disney inspired cupcakes from Sugarlips-- Spaghetti and meatballs from Lady and the Tramp, the poison apple from Snow White, and the rose from Beauty and the Beast.

bosa donuts
Can't go to Arizona without stopping at Bosa for donuts.

just the girls
We had a girls' morning and went to Starbucks, got pedicures, and made a Target run...

the last in-n-out
...And then met all of the boys for one last lunch at In-n-Out.


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