Saturday, July 15, 2017

road trip day thirty five: snow day

playing with diya
My high school best friend, Payal, and her family came over for dinner on our last weekend in Arizona.  The kids were so excited to meet and play with her two year old daughter, Diya, and had fun showing her all over Grandma and Grandpa's house.

snowballs one
After dinner, we headed outside to have a snowball fight (in the desert!) with Bahama Buck's snowballs.

snowballs two
The kids had fun throwing the snowballs at each other with only minimal crying when they (really, just Ellie) got hit in the head.

snowballs three
Snowballs are fun to throw and fun to eat!

snowballs four
The big kids decided that Grandpa needed snow down his shirt-- he was oh, so pleased!

snowballs five
Snowball fun!

two cute girls
Two sweet girls.  I'm sure that Ellie and Diya would be best friends if we lived a bit closer!

playing with the little people
After the snowball fight, the girls had a blast playing with the Little People from when Janne and I were kids.  I'm so glad that my parents kept our toys for all these years-- it was fun to watch my kids play with our old toys!


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