Tuesday, September 5, 2017

first day of preschool

preschool open house
Ellie started preschool this year in a Tuesday/Thursday morning class.  We went to Open House the week before school started and while she liked the toys in the classroom, she was NOT happy about the prospect of starting school (and being away from mommy!) the following week.

is she ready?
Grumpiness turned into goofiness on the first day of school.

yes she is!
The big preschooler!

that's my girl
- Such a sweetheart -

just like the big kids
Just like the big kids, we made sure to get a picture of Ellie by the front door.

before and after school
Pictures with mom and dad before school.  There were some tears when we dropped her off (really, she was kicking and screaming when we left...) but she had a fabulous day and we celebrated with lunch at Taco Bell after school!

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