Saturday, September 9, 2017

more fun at the lake

hurricane headed this way
We were originally planning a trip to Florida the second weekend of September, but news of Hurricane Irma forced us to cancel our trip.  We made sure to prepare for the storm early since the meteorologists weren't sure how big of an impact the storm would have on the Carolinas-- other people had the same idea!

lake norman fun oneOn the plus side, postponing our Florida trip meant that we could attend the Newsong Tribes meet-up and the kids were VERY excited to get out on the lake!

lake norman fun two
Time for tubing!!

lake norman fun three
Nick had fun tubing with the girls :)

there goes nick!
At least he did until he fell off!!!

lake norman fun five
The younger crowd got a turn to ride, too-- Lexie didn't last long but Ben had a blast!

girls on the boat
The girls preferred to enjoy the lake from the comfort of the boat.

nick and ben on the tube
Nick and Ben had fun tubing together.

there goes ben!
And then Ben fell off!

fun on the boat
Such sweet (and sometimes silly!!) girls!!

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