Thursday, January 1, 2009

new year's resolution

For my New Year's Resolution this year, I decided to start a blog- and actually use it!  With everything going on in our lives, this will make it easier to keep people updated.

Jacob left a few days ago to begin Basic Training.  It was overbooked at Fort Leonard Wood, so he's now at Fort Jackson in South Carolina for BCT (Basic Combat Training).  He'll be graduating in March and heading to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri to attend the Military Police School.  Graduation should still be around Memorial Day weekend.  Then, he's off to Fort Benning in Georgia for Airborne school.  He should be done with all of his training in June and we'll be moving wherever the Army sends us!

The kids and I are doing well.  We're adjusting to life without Daddy and trying to stay busy.  We had a good New Years Eve-- pizza, The Little Mermaid, and a slumber party!  Once school starts back up next week I'm hoping that we get into a good routine!

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  1. I am sooooo happy you have a blog now!!!! I love hearing updates from everyone and seeing pictures!! yeah!!!


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