Friday, March 31, 2017

march insta update

march insta love one
1. Dinner with my favorite girls!  2. Lunch with Auntie Janne  3. Presenting at Learn, Create, and Share night!
4. Snowy drive to church  5. Fun night with WWP  6. Fun at the touch tank
7. Started my morning with a massage.  Now, Starbucks and Target-- All. By. Myself.  I think it's gonna be a great day!!
8. The kids left out old shoes for the leprechauns to fix or replace and were so excited to see new shoes and Skittles this morning!  9. Festive girl 🍀🍀

march insta love two
1. They're sooooooo excited!!  2. Of course she had to wear her Belle dress  3. Celebrating Lexie's NINTH birthday!
4. Waiting patiently  5. Celebrating at On the Border  6. Happy birthday, sweet girl!
7. Lunch with the birthday girl  8. Make a wish!  9. Beautiful day for a tennis match!

Friday, March 24, 2017

march randomness

boys go camping
Jacob took the boys camping for the weekend and the car was packed to the brim!

sweet girls
While the boys were gone, the girls went out to dinner and watched movies!

We had a fun lunch with Auntie Janne when she came into town.  Spring is the time of fun school things like crazy hair day and Learn, Create, and Share night!

snowy house
We had a late season (at least for us in North Carolina) snow and woke up to a couple of inches on the ground.

snowy drive
It was a snowy drive to church and by the time we left, it had all melted (which I totally forgot to take a picture of)!

st pat's
St Patrick's Day fun-- green ice cream at Chick-Fil-A and green tea at Target.

Randomness: Ellie loves all of the displays at Target... and she also loves napping in the car!  Fun dinner at Duckworth's and spring flowers.

mooresville tennis
Always the journalist, Christopher took pictures for the school news and yearbook while waiting for his tennis matches.

tennis match
Christopher decided to try out for the tennis team this year and had so much fun learning the game and growing as a player.

Monday, March 20, 2017

happy birthday, lexie

beauty and the beast
To celebrate Lexie's birthday this year, we went to see Beauty and the Beast at the movie theater.  While Lexie was definitely looking forward to it, Ellie was excitedly counting down the days and insisted on wearing her Belle dress.

movie theater fun
Fun at the movie theater!  The kids were excited that we went to a theater with reclining seats!

happy birthday lexie
After the movie we went to On the Border for a birthday lunch.  Lexie got to stand on her chair and twirl a napkin while being serenaded and thought it was absolutely hilarious.  And Ellie clearly enjoyed the chocolate syrup on her ice cream!

lexie's cake
That evening we had birthday cake with our neighbors and the kids played outside.

lunch with the birthday girl
On her official NINTH birthday, we brought lunch (and donuts!) to school and ate with Lexie and her friends.

opening presents
That evening she opened up her presents-- mostly new clothes!!

make a wish!
And we finished up the birthday cake!  Happy birthday, sweet girl!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

greensboro science center with wwp

playing with the penguin
We went to a Wounded Warrior Project event at the Greensboro Science Center and got to enjoy the new aquarium expansion before it opened to the public!  Ellie was completely enamored with the penguins.

Checking out the otters.

rays and fishies
Playing with the rays and fishies.

Ellie had a blast exploring every nook and cranny-- and the big kids were excited to fill up their plates!

checking out the rays
Checking out the sting rays.

More sting ray fun-- even Ellie tried to touch them!

all the fishies
We love aquariums AND all of the wonderful opportunities that WWP affords us!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

february insta update

february insta love one
(1) Enjoying our breakfast with "Hannah"  (2) Cutest lunch date  (3) She was so excited to get her library card  (4) These two LOVE to FaceTime each other!!
(5) Enjoying the warm weather  (6) When you have four siblings you have to get creative to take your calls in private  (7) Happy birthday, Nick!
(8) Cutest little JFK at the Living History Museum
(9) Such a big helper  (10) Best buds  (11) Mmmmm... dinner cooking  (12) S'mores deliciousness

Saturday, February 25, 2017

february randomness

breakfast with hannah
Having breakfast at Chick-Fil-A with "Hannah"

around town
Running errands... and a quick stop at Cold Stone!

She sure misses her Grandma :(

lunch and the library
Lunch at PF Changs and her very own library card!

school stuff
School stuff: Ben's teacher brought him a candy bar (and he shared with me!) for getting 100% on his Math EOQ; Lexie's trifold of JFK for the Living History Museum; Nick's representation of the layers of the earth.

fun in the playhouse
Enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and playing in her playhouse.

These kiddos sure keep us busy!

firepit fun
Fire pit fun with the neighbors!

Fun on the slide take one.

Fun on the slide take two.

Fun on the slide take three.

Friday, February 17, 2017

nick's 12th birthday

birthday dinner
We started Nick's birthday celebration with dinner at On the Border.  He thought it was hilarious that they wanted him to swing a napkin around while they sang!

sweet sisters
His sweet sisters :)

seeing his presents
Nick's birthday presents-- and his reaction to seeing them!

hugs and kisses
Birthday hugs and kisses.

opening presents
Present opening fun.

make a wish
Make a wish, birthday boy!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

january insta update

january insta love one
(1) Bacon waffles for New Year's Day breakfast  (2) Making our traditional New Year's pizza  (3) She looks so grown up!
(4) Such a big helper  (5) Snow!  (6) Snowball fight
(7) Such a silly girl!!  (8) Perk of having a teenager!  (9) Morning coffee in the snow

january insta love two
(1) Lexie and her baby snowman  (2) So many cards in this matching game.... (3) Picked up her take-home laptop!
(4) Sweet, snuggly sisters  (5) Watching history in the making  (6) And he's off to the 6th Grade Formal!
(7) Wish we were at the happiest place on earth today but we're rocking our Disney gear at the second happiest place instead
(8) They sure like to snuggle!  (9) Ellie made her own salad for dinner tonight.


january randomness

homemade pizza
Making our traditional homemade pizza on New Year's Day.  The kids (and especially the girls) love to help!

pictures by ellie
More photos by Ellie.

she's so big
She's so big... and silly!

making trail mix
Helping make trail mix for the big kids to take to school for snack.

Pastimes: Ellie LOVES playing Memory!!  Jacob started working on his Disney Castle, Nick's haul from the public library, and Lexie with her take-home laptop.

These two love to snuggle with each other!

curly hair
Lexie really wanted curly hair so we bought some rollers and tried them out- she sat patiently while I rolled up her hair and in the morning it was CURLY!!

sixth grade formal
Nick went to the 6th Grade Formal (why do 6th graders need a formal?!?!).  He's getting to be so grown up!

Random January pictures: Mom and Ellie at Target. Jacob got a new computer-- he was excited since he usually gets my old one!  Ellie discovered Nutella and is in love.  Those snuggly girls posing for more pictures!!  Ellie loves watching movies on my bed-- especially if she can do it instead of taking a nap!

crazy girl
Such a silly girl!!!  She sure keeps us entertained!

More basketball fun!

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