Saturday, October 28, 2017

nc zoo with the fam

we're going to the zoo!
Beautiful fall days are perfect for exploring the NC Zoo, which surprisingly, is the world's largest zoo habitat!

checking out the gators
We met the Gaubs for some fun at the zoo-- the kids had fun searching for the alligators.

Checking out the cougar.

hannah and the seals
Hannah really liked the seals and sea lions.

polar bear kids
- Sweet polar bear cubs -

arctic fox and polar bear
Ben was great at pointing out the hard to find animals, like the arctic fox, to Ellie.  We saw the polar bear in his new habitat-- so weird to see him surrounded by so much green!

picnic lunch
We packed a picnic lunch to eat at the zoo, complete with frosted animal cookies!

climbing the web
After lunch, the kids ran around on the playground for a bit.

fun at the playground
The playground is full of giant bugs and plants to play on and explore.

riding the bear
Of course we had to stop and get pictures of the kids riding the bear statue!

cousins and colors
Sweet cousins and the pretty fall colors.

hannah and the bear
Hannah was so excited to see the grizzly bear!

what's your wingspan?
- Checking out their wingspans -

carousel fun
There's a really cool carousel at the zoo so we just HAD to ride it!

- Silly girl watching the gorillas -

chimp one
- Checking out the chimps -

chimp two
Two silly cousins!!

silly girls
The kids love all of the statues throughout the zoo and wanted pictures with most of them!

The lions were up and about while we were there.

fun at the zoo
Sweet cousins and more fall color!

- So much fun checking out the giraffes -

kids and cousins
All the cousins (minus Chris who stayed home because his allergies were bothering him!) on our way out of the zoo after a fun day!

dinner and surprise
We stopped at Go Burrito! for a yummy dinner on our way home!!  And Christopher surprised us with a clean house and homemade cookies when we got home!! 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

october randomness

october randoms
October fun: Naps on the couch, fall drinks at Starbucks, running errands and lunch, and new cookies at Starbucks!

dinner at the pit
We were invited to attend the annual WWP night at The Pit here in Mooresville.  The kids were excited to make their own bowls from the catered Qdoba!

go-karts at the pit
The kids (and Jacob!) love doing the go-karts at The Pit!

rock climbing at the pit
The big kids were able to go a lot higher on the climbing wall this year.

laser tag at the pit
And Ellie was finally big enough to do laser tag!!  She went with Chris and had so much fun that she didn't want to leave!

poor girl!
On the way out of The Pit, Ellie fell and smacked her face and ended up with a big bump on her forehead and scraped up knees.  She spent the next day taking it easy-- Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets for BREAKFAST, riding in the cart at Target and laying on the couch with her legs elevated.

firepit fun
We enjoyed fire-pitting with our neighbors while we had beautiful fall weather!

guac and fajitas
Ellie loves helping in the kitchen- especially when we make guacamole because she gets to be the taste tester!  We love homemade guac with our fajitas!!

october randoms
Lunch after church.  Cute hair (and a handmedown shirt from her younger cousin!).  Pumpkin pizza from Papa Murphy's.

lunch date
We had a lunch date at PF Changs on "Free Sushi Day" and while Ellie didn't want to try the sushi, she loved the lettuce wraps!  We had to stop at Target on the way home and Ellie took a "rest" on the bottom of the cart.


Saturday, October 21, 2017

fall fun at carowinds

carowinds one
On a school trip to Carowinds, Christopher entered Jacob in the Carowinds: My Hero promotion and he won tickets (and Fast Lane Plus!!) for the family!  We went on a beautiful, fall day so that we could enjoy the Halloween offerings in the park.

carowinds horsies
After getting in a ride on the Intimidator for the big kids, we headed to Planet Snoopy for Ellie's favorite rides!

carowinds decor and lunch
Ellie was easy to entertain while the big kids went on roller coasters with Jacob.  It was so funny to see the new Winterfest decor mixed in with the Scarowinds decor!  The kids were excited to have Panda Express for lunch since we don't usually get it outside of Carowinds.

pumpkin picking
On weekends in October, Planet Snoopy has a pumpkin patch and all of the kiddos picked out a pumpkin.

sweet girls
Sweet girls in the pumpkin patch.

pumpkin sweethearts
- the Albaeck sweethearts -

Carowinds added the County Fair area this year and the kids were excited to go on the new rides-- especially since we had Fast Lane Plus and didn't have to wait in line!  Chris and Nick went on Electro-Spin and thought it was AWESOME!

Jacob took all the big kids on Do-Si-Do, another new ride for this year.

carowinds cuties
We made sure to get our usual picture on the NC-SC state line on our way out of the park after a fun day!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

fall color drive

fog on the parkway
One of my favorite things about where we live is the easy access to the Blue Ridge Parkway and the beautiful fall colors.

my girls
We pulled off the parkway at Waterrock Knob to play and have a picnic lunch.

the girls
The girls had fun running around (and posing for pictures) while the boys unloaded the van.

picnic lunch
- Picnic lunch with the Gaubs -

playing in the fog
After lunch, Ellie and Hannah played in the fog-- I have no idea what game they were playing, but they were completely entertained.

fun in the fog
They ran, and ran, and ran, and then picked flowers (weeds!), and ran some more!

albaeck sweethearts
- the Albaeck sweethearts -

the gaubs
It's been so nice having my sister and her sweet family live closer to us so that we can get together more often!

the girls
- the Albaeck girls -

fall color one
- beautiful fall color -

fall color two
The fog started to lift and we were able to see the colors just starting to change down in the valleys.

highest poing on the pkwy
The highest point on the parkway at the Richland Balsam Overlook.

views, tunnels, ellie
While the adults enjoyed the views, the highlight of the drive for the kids was driving through all of the tunnels!


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