Wednesday, May 31, 2017

may insta update

may insta love one
(1) Guac theif!  (2) Saturday blackjack and snacks.  (3) Started the day with a bubble bath.
(4) The cutest little bed hog around.  (5) The only time I've ever happy to be up this early!  (6) Sweet snuggles during the storm.
(7) Happy (early) Memorial Day!  (8) And the vacation prep begins.  (9) Pizza and wings on Memorial Day!

may randomness

ben's birthday party
Ben had a couple of friends spend the night to celebrate his TENTH birthday!  They went bowling, had pizza, watched movies, and had brownie sundaes.

ready to run
Ready to run his second 5k with Let Me Run.

go ben, go!
Go Ben, go!!

guac lovers
For Cinco de Mayo this year we had seven layer bean dip and guacamole for dinner.  Lexie and Ellie are the official guac tasters and work hard to make sure that it's delicious every time!

silly girl
This silly girl likes: playing in toys that she's too big for at church, sitting in furniture displays at Target, eating lunch with toys, and playing in the tub for hours.

memorial day
Happy Memorial Day: We went to Target, the boys got haircuts, and we had pizza and wings for dinner!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

april insta update

april insta love one
1. Another beautiful day for a tennis match!  2. Another great match!  3. Tried somewhere new for lunch.
4. Up with the sun and ready for church.  5. Egg hunt!  6. Easter lunch :)
7. She loves the hot and sour soup  8. Dancing in the rain.  9. Date night!

april insta love two
(1) Ready for the birthday shopping spree!  (2) Goofy girl!  (3) Such a sweetheart
(4) Doing some bear building!  (5) Snoozin' through lunch.  (6) Reunited at last!!!
(7) Car full of crazies!!  (8) Rub-a-dub-dub, two silly girls in the tub  (9) Waiting so patiently for Hannah

april insta love three
(1) Morning snuggles.  (2) Quesadilla faces!  (3) Taco night
(4) Lazy bums  (5) Lunch with the birthday boy!  Can't believe he's TEN!!  (6) Went to PopBar for the first time-- delicious!!
(7) Fun at 'Tawba Walk  (8) Her eyes are closed just like her puppy's!  (9) Fun at 'Tawba Walk!

april randomness

french braid cutie
Every once in awhile Ellie will venture away from her usual ponytail/pigtails routine and let me french braid her hair.

penguin sleeping bag
Sweet girl and her penguin sleeping bag (and stuffed animal, and jammies...)

reading garden
Nick and his friend created a Reading Garden for their school as part of a class project.  In addition to getting Lowe's to donate the materials, they built the whole garden with minimal help and now it's a great place for students to read and relax!

tennis one
More tennis fun!

tennis two
We love going to watch Christopher's tennis matches after school!

fun in the rain
Such fun playing in the rain.

fun fun fun
When Grandma is in town, we do everything from date nights to girls only trips to the mall!

last day with grandma
We stopped at Cabo Fish Taco for a delicious lunch before taking Grandma to the airport and just HAD to make a quick stop at the newly opened PopBar, too!

'tawba walk fun
Having fun at the Newsong Church Kids Zone during 'Tawba Walk!

'tawba walk
Having fun at the Newsong Church Kids Zone during 'Tawba Walk!


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

happy 10th birthday, ben!

ben's birthday dinner
For Ben's birthday this year, he decided he wanted to go to the "place where they cook on the table".

silly girl
Such a silly girl.

The kids were really impressed with all of the fire.

birthday boy
Time for presents!!  Since Ben turned 10, he got his "Arizona" package (including a two-week stay with Grandma and Grandpa in Arizona this summer) AND his first NEW iPod!  I think it's safe to say that he had a pretty awesome day!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

fun with hannah

it's hannah time!
My sister and her family made the move to North Carolina (finally!!) and Hannah got to come hang out with us for a few days while Janne and Adam unpacked and got settled into their new house.  Ellie and Hannah were SOOOO excited to see each other!!

splish splash
Two giggly girls in the tub.

relaxing mornings
To make it even more exciting, Grandma was here, too!  Hannah seemed to be a bit overtired from her cross-country drive so she slept late in the morning (while Ellie waited patiently for her to get up) and then snuggled for awhile (to everyone's delight).

such silly girls
These two are silly wherever they go!

shopping and dinner
Grocery shopping for taco fixin's.

hannah singing
Singing about her quesadilla.

relaxing and shopping
Snuggles in the morning and shopping in the afternoon.

fun at target
One of many trips to Target.

tricking auntie janne
We met Auntie Janne for lunch when she was ready to pick up Hannah and she was shocked (and a bit angry!) to see that we got Hannah's ears pierced.  Doesn't she look cute though?!  After letting Janne panic for a minute, we let her know that they were just stick-on earrings!

Sunday, April 16, 2017


easter girls
Excited girls waiting to come downstairs on Easter morning.

coming down the stairs
Making their way downstairs to check out their baskets and hunt for eggs.

easter baskets
Easter basket fun!

finding eggs
Searching high and low for Easter eggs.

ready for church
Sweet girls ready to go to church.

pictures of us
Just us :)

ready, set, go
Ready for the church-wide Easter egg hunt!  And they're off!!

egg hunting
Sweet egg hunters.

so excited
Even though we did eggs at home a couple of hours before, she was still so excited to hunt for eggs at church.

newsong church
Newsong Church Easter fun.

pf changs
After church we went to PF Changs for a delicious Easter lunch.


Friday, March 31, 2017

march insta update

march insta love one
(1) Dinner with my favorite girls!  (2) Lunch with Auntie Janne  (3) Presenting at Learn, Create, and Share night!
(4) Snowy drive to church  (5) Fun night with WWP  (6) Fun at the touch tank
(7) Started my morning with a massage.  Now, Starbucks and Target-- All. By. Myself.  I think it's gonna be a great day!!
(8) The kids left out old shoes for the leprechauns to fix or replace and were so excited to see new shoes and Skittles this morning!  (9) Festive girl 🍀🍀

march insta love two
(1) They're sooooooo excited!!  (2) Of course she had to wear her Belle dress  (3) Celebrating Lexie's NINTH birthday!
(4) Waiting patiently  (5) Celebrating at On the Border  (6) Happy birthday, sweet girl!
(7) Lunch with the birthday girl  (8) Make a wish!  (9) Beautiful day for a tennis match!

Friday, March 24, 2017

march randomness

boys go camping
Jacob took the boys camping for the weekend and the car was packed to the brim!

sweet girls
While the boys were gone, the girls went out to dinner and watched movies!

We had a fun lunch with Auntie Janne when she came into town.  Spring is the time of fun school things like crazy hair day and Learn, Create, and Share night!

snowy house
We had a late season (at least for us in North Carolina) snow and woke up to a couple of inches on the ground.

snowy drive
It was a snowy drive to church and by the time we left, it had all melted (which I totally forgot to take a picture of)!

st pat's
St Patrick's Day fun-- green ice cream at Chick-Fil-A and green tea at Target.

Randomness: Ellie loves all of the displays at Target... and she also loves napping in the car!  Fun dinner at Duckworth's and spring flowers.

mooresville tennis
Always the journalist, Christopher took pictures for the school news and yearbook while waiting for his tennis matches.

tennis match
Christopher decided to try out for the tennis team this year and had so much fun learning the game and growing as a player.

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