Tuesday, January 31, 2017

january insta update

january insta love one
(1) Bacon waffles for New Year's Day breakfast  (2) Making our traditional New Year's pizza  (3) She looks so grown up!
(4) Such a big helper  (5) Snow!  (6) Snowball fight
(7) Such a silly girl!!  (8) Perk of having a teenager!  (9) Morning coffee in the snow

january insta love two
(1) Lexie and her baby snowman  (2) So many cards in this matching game.... (3) Picked up her take-home laptop!
(4) Sweet, snuggly sisters  (5) Watching history in the making  (6) And he's off to the 6th Grade Formal!
(7) Wish we were at the happiest place on earth today but we're rocking our Disney gear at the second happiest place instead
(8) They sure like to snuggle!  (9) Ellie made her own salad for dinner tonight.


january randomness

homemade pizza
Making our traditional homemade pizza on New Year's Day.  The kids (and especially the girls) love to help!

pictures by ellie
More photos by Ellie.

she's so big
She's so big... and silly!

making trail mix
Helping make trail mix for the big kids to take to school for snack.

Pastimes: Ellie LOVES playing Memory!!  Jacob started working on his Disney Castle, Nick's haul from the public library, and Lexie with her take-home laptop.

These two love to snuggle with each other!

curly hair
Lexie really wanted curly hair so we bought some rollers and tried them out- she sat patiently while I rolled up her hair and in the morning it was CURLY!!

sixth grade formal
Nick went to the 6th Grade Formal (why do 6th graders need a formal?!?!).  He's getting to be so grown up!

Random January pictures: Mom and Ellie at Target. Jacob got a new computer-- he was excited since he usually gets my old one!  Ellie discovered Nutella and is in love.  Those snuggly girls posing for more pictures!!  Ellie loves watching movies on my bed-- especially if she can do it instead of taking a nap!

crazy girl
Such a silly girl!!!  She sure keeps us entertained!

More basketball fun!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

the girls' room

the girls' room
We redecorated the boys' rooms last fall but didn't get the girls' room done until after Christmas-- I think it was worth the wait!

girls' room 2
Lexie and Ellie's new room!

seeing the room :)
Ellie saw the room while we were working on it but Lexie was totally surprised when she got home from school-- and very excited!

Saturday, January 7, 2017


The kids were SOOOOO excited that we had snow in the forecast (although a little bummed since it was a Friday night storm and probably wouldn't give them any snow days).  They kept a close watch on the weather all week and were squealing with joy when the snow started falling!

snow falling
It's snowing!!

ellie playing in the snow
Ellie wanted to go outside and check it out.

ellie in the snow
She was just a little excited!!

snowy backyard
When we woke up in the morning, the ground was covered.

headed out front
The kids got bundled up in their snow gear and headed out to play.

kids in the snow
Fun in the snow.

snow angels
Making snow angels.

chris and ellie
Snowball fight!

playing in the snow
Playing in the snow.

sweet girl
Such a sweetheart!

Trying to sled down the street-- there wasn't quite enough snow, nor was it icy enough to sled well, but they kept on trying!

snowy house
Our house covered in snow.

sweet kiddos
Sweet kiddos.

ellie sledding
Ellie "sledding"

fun with christopher
He's such a good big brother and let Ellie try and bury him in the snow.

Lexie sledding

snowball fight
Snowball fight!!!

sweet ben
Sweet Ben!

trying to ride her trike
Ellie REALLY wanted to ride her trike in the snow and got frustrated when she couldn't get it to go.

One of the perks of having a teenager!  After he did our driveway, he went around the neighborhood shoveling driveways with a friend.

Lexie and her baby snowman.

backyard fun
Fun in the backyard!

Still snowing!

snow day
We wrapped up our chilly snow day playing boardgames and everyone was ready for an early bedtime-- playing in the snow for a few hours (or shoveling driveways for six!) really wears you out!!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

december insta update

december insta love one
(1) Saturday morning haircut  (2) 9 inches gone and ready to donate!  (3) Lunch with the girls
(4) Headed to the Father-Daughter Hoedown!  (5) I cannot believe how grown up she looks!  (6) Continuting the Home Alone marathon tradition
(7) Ready for their 5k  (8) So proud of her!  (9) Meeting Santa!

december insta love two
(1) Traditional Peruvian before "Christmas with the Kranks"  (2) Love my Disney Parks Starbucks Christmas mugs!  (3) Everybody needs a holiday armadillo!!
(4) He shoots... he scores!!  (5) Green jello and eggnog with "Christmas Vacation"  (6) "Santa Clause" marathon time!!
(7) Dinner at Denny's in Christmas jammies  (8) Continuing the marathon  (9) Time for the final movie!

december insta love three
(1) tonight we're having a "4th of July" BBQ and watching my fave Christmas movie!  (2) Grandpa is such a good sport!  (3) Deeeeeelicious lunch!
(4) Checking out Gatlinburg  (5) So happy to be sitting by the fire  (6) I love the Christmas lights in Gatlinburg!
(7) The best french toast in town  (8) Excited for pancakes!  (9) Staying warm by the fire

december insta love four
(1) Heading into Great Smoky Mountain National Park. (2) Dusting of snow in the Smokies  (3) I ❤️the Smokies!
(4) Our traditional "Elf" dinner  (5) Cookie making time!  (6) Peppermint shakes and driving around looking at Christmas lights
(7) Helping Grandma make sugar cookies  (8) Decorating cookies  (9) Naptime on Grandma!

december insta love five
(1) Takeout Thai/Chinese with "A Christmas Story"  (2) Ready for church  (3) Sweet sisters  (4) Lexie in the Christmas program at church
(5) Enjoying pizza for dinner and watching classic Christmas cartoons!  (6) Reindeer food  (7) Opening one present and off to bed!  (8) Just waiting on Santa
(9) One excited little girl!  (10) And a super excited big boy!!  (11) Date night for us!  (12) It's gonna be a two pot kind of day.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

christmas to new year's eve

santa came!
Looks like Santa came!!

coming down the stairs
The kids waited patiently (or continued sleeping until they were woken up!) until 8am and then continued waiting while the adults got a cup of coffee and I got breakfast in the oven.  At around 8:15 they were finally allowed to come downstairs and they were READY!!

sooooo excited!!
Ellie was so excited to see her new playhouse and couldn't stop giggling and going in and out the door.

stockings part one
We always start with stockings and it is a bit of a free for all while we go through them.

stockings part two
It's so much more fun having family in town to celebrate with!

santa presents
After the stockings, we do the presents from Santa and switch to doing one present at a time, from youngest to oldest.  And then it's time for breakfast!

penguin sleeping bag
After breakfast, we do the presents under the tree, still going one at a time-- it means that it takes a long time to get through all of the presents, but it also means that everyone can share in the fun of each and every present!  Ellie thought it was awesome that she got a penguin sleeping bag (even though she was with me when I bought it) and is already planning sleepovers with Hannah.

nick and ellie
The kids draw names and do Secret Santa with one another-- Ellie drew Nick's name this year and he was shocked to get exactly what he wanted!

presents one
Lexie picked out a Lego set for Ben and he thought she did a great job!  We try and wrap presents in boxes that will be confusing for the recipient-- especially when the gift (a new weather station) is back home in Arizona and only a piece of paper gets unwrapped.  Ellie LOVED the bunny from the Gaubs and now calls it Hannah-bunny.

presents two
More presents!

presents three
And more presents!!  Ben picked out Monopoly: Electronic Banking Edition for Christopher and he was amazed that I finally agreed to get it (since the regular version is good for improving math skills and the electronic version offers no educational value).  I love how they intently watch each other open their presents!!

presents four
More presents!

presents five
And more presents!!

presents six
Grandpa thinks like Grandma and also wrapped (well, really, I wrapped, because I wrap ALL the presents) a box with a piece of paper in it because the real present (a new shower head) was back at home in Arizona!

presents seven
Such exciting gifts!

presents eight
More presents!!  Jacob was so surprised that I got him the Lego Disney castle this year!

presents nine
More presents!  Grandpa always needs new Disney artwork for his office!!

presents ten
Nearing the end :)

we're going to disney!
Grandma and Grandpa surprised the kids with Disneyland tickets for next summer!!  I think they love "experience" gifts even more than "stuff" and I know I do!!

facetiming hannah
One of my favorite parts of Christmas is talking to friends and family that can't be with us-- and it's even more fun when you can FaceTime (especially when it's Hannah!)!

end of december
We spent the rest of December enjoying our new toys, the adults got to go out on a date(!) since the grandparents were in town, and we got caught up on Fuller House!

happy new year!
And all too soon it was New Year's Eve and time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017!

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