Monday, January 19, 2009

sunday's call......... on monday

Jacob was able to call tonight!!  I was disappointed when he didn't get to call yesterday as the calls are typically on Sunday nights.  But then I realized that today is a holiday and maybe they would get phone privileges.

He sounds like he's doing really well!!  He said he's actually kind of bored because they do a lot of waiting around.  It's fun when they're actually doing something, but the rest of the time it seems like time just drags on and on.

It has been REALLY cold in Missouri-- with temperatures well below zero.  They've been doing a lot of their PT inside so everyone is suffering from cabin fever.  They went for a three-mile march in their dorm!  Tomorrow they are going on a five-mile march outside- it's supposed to be 13 degrees- in full gear.  He's excited to get out!!

And on Thursday they get to experience the gas chamber.  It's a room with a controlled concentration of CS (orto-chlorobenzylidene-malononitrile) gas, more commonly known as tear gas.  Before entering the gas chamber they are trained on how to fit the protective mask and chemical gear.  Then the group files in; they have to lift their mask and state their name, rank, and social security number.  Because it is possible to complete this task without actually inhaling any CS gas, at the end all of the recruits must take off their masks and file out without closing their eyes.

He's looking forward to the next few weeks because they will be much more hands on!  And only about 18 weeks to go until graduation!!

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  1. I'd rather do it in cold temps in full gear than 120 like here in Phoenix! :) I'm glad he is enjoying it!


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