Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the wheels on the bus.....

I got a call from Jacob and they are en route to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.  The plan was for their group of about 20 to fly but the Army couldn't get them all on one flight.  So instead, they are making the 16 hour trip in a charter bus!  At least it will be a nice break from getting yelled at and they'll hopefully be able to get some sleep.

We were able to talk much longer this time (2 hours!) because they were on the bus.  He still has a cough and sounds very tired, but he was excited to be able to talk for so long.  He got a chance to tell Nicholas goodnight although Nick did try to trick Jacob into saying that he'd be home in the morning.

He said that they've done a lot of pushups so far!!  And they've spent a lot of time in the traditional pushup "rest" position-- very similar to the downward facing dog for those of you that do yoga!!  Luckily, he's good at that position so he had no trouble holding it while a lot of other recruits started shaking and falling over!!

Other than being tired, he said he's having a good time.  He's ready to get started with actual training rather than just paperwork.  Assuming nothing else changes, they should be starting on Friday!  I'm hoping that he'll be able to call when he gets there or at least on Sunday (when they "usually" get calls assuming no one loses that privilege for the group).  I should have an address in the next week or so and I know he'd love to get mail!!

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