Saturday, April 4, 2009

army update!

Jacob was able to call tonight and he sounded MUCH better than when I talked to him on Wednesday.  Most of the guys in his platoon have been sick all week, but they're all doing better.  They started Week 13 on Friday which is the last week of law enforcement training.  Starting next Friday they are working on the combat support aspect of being an MP.

He said they learned to drive police cars this past week.  They had to do a curvy driving course and the posted speed limit was 40mph.  He did the entire course at about 70mph and his drill sergeant was amazed with his driving skills.  I guess all those years of driving CO mountain roads has really paid off!!  :)

Other than that, there wasn't anything new going on.  We're still waiting on orders and hope we find out where we are headed soon.  It is looking like we'll be headed to either Fort Bragg, NC, or Vicenza, Italy (about 45min from Venice).  We should be moving in about three months so cross your fingers that we find out where we are going quickly!!

A random picture of Jacob from a few weeks ago.


  1. Good luck on getting the orders you want!

  2. Oohhhh! Jacob looks like a real Army guy with his beret! I'm glad he's feeling better. Where's the post about the Pokey Chips?

  3. My husband is in MP training right now too! Good luck to yours!


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