Wednesday, April 1, 2009

zebra and mmm-hmm's birthday

Zebra and Mmm-Hmm (Christopher and Nicholas) were feeling left out from all of the birthday celebrations so we had a birthday party for them as well.  We went to Target and made sure they both had presents and that we had stuff for goodie bags for the kids!  Christopher insisted on having another birthday cake because Zebra and Mmm-Hmm needed to blow out candles.  The cake stuck to the pan so it was turned into a trifle instead-- yummy!!

Birthday dessert!!

Christopher and Zebra

Nicholas and Mmm-Hmm: ready to blow out candles!!

Benjamin and his goodie bag.

Lexie finally got a chance to play with the purse she got for her birthday!!


  1. Ahhh.... what a fun party it was!

  2. I was so bummed that we did not get to see you when you were here because of Maecyn's croup! THEN...Claudia said when you got home that Lexie had come down with croup too! I hope she's feeling better soon! Your kids are Beautiful, and you are a SUPER mom!

  3. I know! I was so bummed too!! I'm glad Maecy is feeling better though. I don't think Lexie's turned into full blown croup- she didn't have the barky cough. Thankfully, she seems to be feeling better now!! I guess you guys will still have to come up our way! LOL!!

  4. The things grandmas do for their grandkids! :)


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