Wednesday, June 24, 2009

airborne graduation

After three weeks of training and five jumps, Jacob graduated from Airborne school. We arrived at Fort Benning about a half hour before the ceremony.

Nicholas was upset that there wasn't anything to eat. And that it was hot. And boring.

Because Airborne school is open to all branches of the military, there were Soldiers, Airmen, Seamen, and Marines graduating. They marched their way up to the front and graduation began.

After a quick introduction, invocation, and guest speaker, it was time to award the Airborne wings.

Family members were allowed to pin the wings on their Soldier (etc).

Jennifer and Jacob

The newly pinned Soldier!

After the pinning of the wings, graduation was over. All of the graduates ran back to the barracks (in the Georgia heat and humidity) for out-processing. We were able to leave with our Airborne Soldier about an hour later!!

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  1. Jacob looks like he's lost more weight after Airborne... is he putting some back on now that he's home?


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