Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So we go to Target fairly often. And when I say "fairly often", I mean daily. Because of this, we know the ladies (and new guy) that work at Starbucks rather well. In fact, as soon as we walk in the door, the kids run over to Starbucks to talk to the girls while I get Lexie situated in the cart.

They help themselves to samples (sometimes a whole tray) if they're available. Then they get one of the girls to take them to the bakery for cookies-- because who would pay for a Starbucks cookie when you can get free ones in the bakery?!

While Lexie and Ben eat their cookies in the cart, Christopher and Nicholas go make drinks for the four of them. They're allowed behind the counter to get their own ice and water. Then they borrow markers and decorate their cups, as well as color all over stuff to hang on the walls.

And after about 20 minutes, we're finally ready to leave Starbucks and start our shopping. So for $2.43 we're able to get a Venti Cafe Misto, 4 chocolate chip cookies, 4 cups of ice water, 4 cupholders, and various stuff from Target employees (hair-ties, old Starbucks giftcards, markers, coupons, etc). We're really going to miss this Starbucks when we move.....

Ben, Lexie, Miss Dana, Chris, Miss Mel, Nick

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  1. I will miss this Target Starbucks and the ladies!!! They are AWESOME!


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